Precission filter

  • Compatible ORION filter elements EMS75
  • Compatible ORION filter elements EMS75
  • Compatible ORION filter elements EMS75
Compatible ORION filter elements EMS75Compatible ORION filter elements EMS75Compatible ORION filter elements EMS75

Compatible ORION filter elements EMS75

  • Model Number: EMS75
  • Type: Compressed filter
  • Flow rate: 0.35m3/min
  • Oil content: 0.01 ppm
  • Product description: Compatible ORION filter elements EMS75

Filter structure:

1.Superior filtration material imported Europe,American,Japan & domestic material.

2.Stainless steel inner frame

3.hydrophobic foam sleeve outside

4.High copy appearance same with original filter & element

5.Same dimension with original filter can be installed on the filter directly.


1.Removing oil and water from the compressed air

2.Filter material have features like high filtration efficiency,corrosion-resistant,high strength,low air flow resistance,long service life

3.Oil resistance,chemical corrosion resistance,avoid coalescence liquid into air again.


Air Compressor, Metallurgy,petrifaction,spinning,electron & pharmacy,power plant,food,hospital etc.

Filtration Class    Filtration efficiency      Residual Oil component

        EDS                    3µm                                   5ppm

        ELS                     1µm                                   1ppm

        EMS                    0.01µm                              0.01ppm

EKS(Activate carbon)     0.01µm                             0.003ppm

     Model                      Flow Rate L/min

      150                                  1.2

       400                                 3.9

       700                                 6.6

      1000                                10.6

      1300                                13.6

      2000                                20

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